What Really Happened at Mt. Sinai | WeltonVlog | 004

Detroit Keynote: What is the Bible? Part 4 of 5

Part of the misunderstanding we have between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament is mainly because of our misunderstanding of what really happened at Mt. Sinai after the exodus from Egypt. Find out what you’ve missed in regards to Exodus 19 and the giving of the Ten Commandments.

Understanding Covenants | WeltonVlog | 003

Detroit Keynote: What is the Bible? Part 3 of 5

What is the historical understanding of covenant in the ancient world and how was it used then? Watch the different types of covenant back then and see how that might change your outlook about the covenant we are living in today.

How We Got The Bible | WeltonVlog | 002

Detroit Keynote: What is the Bible? Part 2 of 5

How did the early church fathers determine which books to include in the canon? Why is this important and how will this information change the way you see the Bible? Watch part 2 of the Detroit keynote and find out how the Bible was comprised.

Shifting our Understanding of the Bible | WeltonVlog | 001

Detroit Keynote: What is the Bible? Part 1 of 5

Many of what has become familiar to us in the Bible was actually injected. From the chapter breaks to verses to how it’s been categorized. What if we’ve been missing some pieces because of how we’ve been reading? What if there’s a better way to understand the Bible? Watch the video to see if you can grab a hold of something you haven’t seen before.