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The Gift of Eternal Life | WeltonVlog 012

Join us in this conversation as we continue to discuss about the New Covenant Law, Post Modernism, Hell, Eternal Life and Apostle Paul. Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS...

The New Covenant Law | WeltonVlog 011

Even though we are no longer under the Old Covenant, that doesn’t mean we no longer have a law to abide by. Find out in this episode what kind of law we have now that we are under a new and better covenant.

Once Saved Always Saved? | WeltonVlog 010

This is the Q&A portion of the whole weekend. – Should we continue on sinning under grace? – Future third temple being built? – Once saved always saved? – Sheeps and goats? – Is there a temple in heaven?

An Unshakable Kingdom | WeltonVlog | 009

Under the New Covenant, we live in an unshakeable kingdom now. Find out in this episode what it took for the Lord to birth this kingdom that can no longer be shaken. For more information visit: Like us on facebook: Follow us on instagram: https://www....

Getting Out Of The Old Covenant | WeltonVlog | 008

In this episode, find out how the death and resurrection of Jesus got us out of the old covenant. Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS...

The Only Covenant God is Honoring | WeltonVlog | 007

There’s only one covenant God is currently honoring and that’s the covenant between Him and His Son. Find out why that is and what that means for you and me.

Laying the Foundation for the New Covenant | WeltonVlog | 006

Join us as we continue discussing the New Covenant Realm during our lunch with some of the church leaders in Detroit, MI. Apple Podcasts | Androi...

Where The Veil Was Removed | WeltonVlog | 005

Detroit Keynote: What is the Bible? Part 5 of 5 When the Old Covenant was formed, a veil was put on God. Find out how the veil was formed and where the veil is removed in this final part of What is the Bible? Keynote.

What Really Happened at Mt. Sinai | WeltonVlog | 004

Detroit Keynote: What is the Bible? Part 4 of 5 Part of the misunderstanding we have between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament is mainly because of our misunderstanding of what really happened at Mt. Sinai after the exodus from Egypt. Find out what you’ve missed in regards to Exodus 19...

Understanding Covenants | WeltonVlog | 003

Detroit Keynote: What is the Bible? Part 3 of 5 What is the historical understanding of covenant in the ancient world and how was it used then? Watch the different types of covenant back then and see how that might change your outlook about the covenant we are living in today.