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Meeting with Lab Students | WeltonVlog 042

A few things are happening in this video. Jonathan shares a story about a lady who has seen all of his youtube videos read all of his books and blog posts. Christian graduates from an intern into a staff. There is a discussion about Jonathan’s process when he prays for people. Joel and Hannah see the WeltonVlog i...

How You Think About the King Matters | WeltonVlog 41

In the Parable of the Ten Talents, the one who had a bad view of the King was the one who buried what was given to him. How we see and think about the King will affect how we behave specially in an environment that is not so welcoming. Watch this episode for a different take on this parable.

It Just Takes One Rain | WeltonVlog 040

Seeds that have been sown, and dreams that have been dreamt but have become dormant are the ones most ready for exponential growth. Watch Ralph as he shares how light rain can take a desert filled with seeds that have been dormant for 30 years and turn into a flourishing land.

I Wanted More Behind the Scenes | WeltonVlog 039

From reading about the multiplication of the loaves and fish to the resurrection of Lazarus, most of the conversations we read in the Gospels are behind the scenes stuff and it’s all to reveal how the Kingdom works in real life. This is the heart behind WeltonVlog.

Counting the Cost (Breaking Limiting Beliefs) | WeltonVlog 038

In this episode, Jonathan takes a different approach to the idea of counting the cost. People have sacrificed their resources, their reputation, and comfort for the advancing of the Kingdom as part of counting the cost, but many have not taken into the account the limiting beliefs they are still holding on to. Watch th...

Creating More Fathers | WeltonVlog 037

There’s a difference between an apostle who fathers a movement and someone that creates orphans that just simply carries their message. We need to more of the former. We don’t need another structure, we need relational fathers.

Apostles As Relational Connectors | WeltonVlog 036

Part of being an apostle is that they are relational connectors where they connect prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors to churches that need them. Find out more in this episode.

Renewing Your Mind to the New Covenant | WeltonVlog 035

In this short episode, Romans 12:2 is discussed having something deeper than just not conforming to this world. It’s actually about the New Covenant. Apple P...

When Healing is Connected to the Way You Think | WeltonVlog 034

We might actually see more healthy people if we just changed the way we think. Find out more in this episode. Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS...

Making Apostle Safe Again | WeltonVlog 033

The term apostle has had its bad rap throughout history. It freaks people out because of leaders misusing its title. Yet apostles are a huge part of advancing the kingdom so what would it take for it to become safe again? Watch the conversation in this episode to gain insight into how we might be able to answer that qu...