If the Church Wakes Up | WeltonVlog 025

For many, advancing the Kingdom means we have to come against other religions, but if we can just wake the church up to think long-term and build the Kingdom from the inside out, it will be much more effective. Watch this episode for more insight.

What About A Double Fulfillment of Mathew 24 | WeltonVlog 024

This is the Q&A portion of the whole weekend in Sweden.

Here are the questions and locations in the video:

What is The Ark of Covenant in Revelation 11? (1:15)

How do motivate evangelism from scripture if Matthew 24:14 is not about world evangelism and how do you meet and debate with people building their whole missionary on this single verse? (9:55)

What is still in the future? (13:16)

What is the next practical step for us when we face dispensationalism and people who are teaching it? (13:55)

Why does the tablet only has rules for us but not for God? (16:28)

What about a double fulfillment of Matthew 24? (20:15)

The Truth About The Man of Lawlessness | WeltonVlog 018

Another misunderstanding that is out there is about the man of lawlessness being the antichrist found in 2 Thessalonians 2:1–12. Find out in this episode in its scriptural context who this man really is.

The Truth About the Beast | WeltonVlog 017

The further we get from understanding history, we start to miss some important pieces. One of the topics that have been greatly misunderstood is the beast of Revelation. In this episode, find out in its historical context who the beast is.