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The Sphere of Your Influence | WeltonVlog 062

The greater your influence, the greater your responsibility to serve. The way we get rid of competition in the family of God is knowing our own sphere of influence and recognizing others. Watch this episode to find out more what it looks like to operate in your sphere of influence as well as in someone else’s. h...

The Government of God | WeltonVlog 061

The government of God has always been about family. Watch this episode as Jonathan expands on the idea that there is no government outside the realm of family and how it relates to an apostolic culture.

What Drives Your Emotional Life | WeltonVlog 060

Our emotional world▬our thoughts and feelings▬is built on the questions we ask. All of us have one main question that goes through our head over and over again.You may not be aware of it, but this question is unique to you. So if you want to change your emotional world, you have to change your question. http://medi...

Cultivating an Apostolic Culture | WeltonVlog 059

Watch this episode as Jonathan and Ralph a couple of questions about how we can cultivate an apostolic culture where other graces (prophet, teacher, pastor, evangelist) naturally grow?

Understanding Masculinity and Femininity | WeltonVlog | Special Episode

Much of the discussion about masculinity and feminity has been disregarded by the church yet it is one of the more foundational subjects that should be talked about. On this special episode, watch as Jonathan vulnerably unpacks the dynamic between the masculine and the feminine from the story in his own life. This mess...

The Less Honorable Parts of the Body | WeltonVlog 058

In 1 Corinthians 12:22-23, Paul says, “On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor.” What is Paul talking about? The less honorable needs to be treated with special honor? What this episode as ...

The Soil of Apostleship | WeltonVlog 057

In the first century, the prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers all grew up in the dirt of the apostles. It’s in the garden soil of the apostles are where the other graces are birthed.

Introduction to the Fivefold Ministry | WeltonVlog 056

There were a few moments in history where Holy Spirit was trying to bring back the fivefold ministry but because control got involved there wasn’t any lasting change. So what can we learn from history? How can we make the fivefold practical again? Watch the next series of episodes as Jonathan address the fivefold...

The Connection Between Forgiveness and Repentance | WeltonVlog 055

So many of us have believed that for us to get forgiven we have to repent, but the reality is forgiveness was released at the cross. So why do we need to repent? Watch as Jonathan answers and give clarity to one of the most asked questions.

How Thankfulness Affects the Heart | WeltonVlog 054

We don’t know what was going on in Paul’s mind, but somehow, in the midst of shipwrecks, beatings, stoning and even getting bitten by a snake, he was able to have the emotional capacity to rejoice in all of it. What was his secret? Perhaps it was all about thanksgiving and gratitude. What if thankfulness is...